It is huge and tasty and the package it came in was pretty. But of course my mom took a bite despite my heavy insisting to wait until I go get my phone so I can take a picture. On top of this 15 x 10 inch of chocolate heaven that is in front of me, look at this equally heavenly Coachella line up that was released today!!
aAAAaaaaaHhhhhhhh. I wish rich teenagers that go here just because it's "fun" and it's a cool place to get high with friends and they just like to jump the bandwagon would spare the very limited festival tickets for people like me that actually are dying to see some of these bands. The Head and the Heart??? I have this plan of singing Rivers and Roads to all my friends before I leave to college and it has been my favorite song for months now and it would be my dream to hear that live among their other songs, oh man. And M83, Radiohead, The Shins, Flying Lotus, Awolnation (WOW SATURDAY LINE UP IS FABULOUS), Florence and the Machine, Beirut, First Aid Kit.........I will be devastated if I don't get to go. I repeat. I will be devastated if I don't get to go. This Friday, the battle begins. 
Because otherwise I would refuse to go to a college that isn't in California. Completely addicted to this stuff, really. Want to know a secret? Always ask for the guacamole on the side because they give you more that way. And you guys, it's Oscar season next month! So excited, but I haven't seen more than half of the predicted Best Picture nominations so....Billy Crystal is back as the host so it should be good unlike last year's :D
and she correctly lists everybody from left to right until the very last guy when she confidently shouts DUSTIN HOFFMAN. 
Like, how? 

And I came across a list of New Year's resolutions I made when it turned 2009 so when I was in 9th grade?
Read and laugh.
- Be less weird/perverted. (Hah!) 
- Find a way to get money. (Sounds a bit like I was planning to do so illegally) 
- Get an A+ in bio second semester. (The most normal one out of all) 
- Don't get jealous over relationships with friends. (What horrible phrasing. I don't even get what I meant)
- Drink less energy drinks. (YUCK I CAN'T BELIEVE I EVER DRANK THOSE)
- Shower everyday. (Did I not before....?)
- Go shopping once a week. (I really don't think this should be something to strive for)
- Tell someone "I love you" and mean it. (Oh god,  the worst one by far. Wasn't I 15? Sorry to break it to you little Nora, it hasn't happened still and it is 2012) 
+ a lot more that I am too embarrassed to share. 

Anyway, I don't have any that are particularly interesting this year, but I guess:
- Keep in touch with all my darling high school friends once I am off to college. 
- Get a license (again...) and car. 
- Educate myself in American politics so there will no longer be an occasion when I state Herman Cain must be a Democrat because of his race. 
- Continue this 100 films per 1 year thing. 
- Use Korean in daily conversations to maintain my fluency because it has gotten SO rusty! 
I spent most of the second week of break finishing up college applications, but Sarah and I pretty much claimed the master room balcony as our study/nap/chill room and we collectively call ourselves Balcony Sisters, which is also going to be our k-pop band name if we ever make a breakthrough. Anyway, I have much to say about 2011 and I, in fact, have a handwritten journal entry recollecting the year, but internet is a scary thing as much as it's convenient. I'd rather keep some information confidential, ya know. It was definitely fun and memorable, especially the summer with Paris and New York. I am proud of Suni Studio California and the two films we made this year :) I also destroyed the 100 film 1 year thing like it was a piece of cake. Only took me 7 months, hah! And I don't mean to sound annoyingly proud, but I think I've matured tremendously this year and learned much about myself ironically through writing my college applications. Well, may your new year be full of achievements and luck and remember to stay jolly!