I don't know why I'm always mean to people who don't deserve it and am nice and passively obedient to people that don't even treat me back the same way. 
The Big Bang Theory!!
It's actually super funny in a non-stupid way and the main character who ironically is asexual (only on the show...hopefully) is the cutest man ever. He's the dude in the plaid. It's about a friendship between four extreme nerds and a somewhat of a dim-witted waitress at The Cheesecake Factory who moves in next door to them. And can I just say, I do not like The Office nor people that find that show amusing. I've seen about 10 episodes and only one was mediocrely funny and that's because it had multiple Woody Allen references. I'm over Modern Family and its recycled jokes, I hate Alec Baldwin too much to watch 30 Rock, I unfortunately don't understand The Colbert Report, and I'm too much of a girl to fully enjoy the broness of Entourage. Other than those, I haven't really checked any others out. I realized I need more comedic things around me to boost my mood up on menstruating days like today, so I would really appreciate any comedy TV show recommendations. 



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I need to write a 3-page scene for my USC portfolio....I've been having such awful writer's block lately. Hopefully I think of something better soon. 
If y'all having a hard time thinking of what to get me for future gift-giving occasions (cough*Christmas*cough), movie/music posters are probably the most appreciated and valued. I like having random shit on my wall as you can see. These babies are coming with me to college. If not, I wouldn't mind ankle-length white socks. 
Are you gonna stare all day little doggie, or are you gonna jump? 
Every time I look at fashion or just any blogs, this guy comes up and he's so beautiful but I can't search him up because I don't know who he is :(