Oh my god, I am a second semester senior and the amount of work I have is ridinculo! And this is irrelevant but here is a picture that gave me a good chuckle that I believe wasn't meant to be funny. 
Hey my followers or stalkers or just anybody who stumbles upon this page, if you have a spare graphing calculator I am badly in need of one and I do not want to buy a new one just for a semester so please fed ex it to me I am completely serious! Other than that, there is nothing too exciting going on in my life at the moment other than the fact that a family friend is paying me a ton of bucks to edit a wedding footage, my dad is coming back in a little over a week, I am now crowned as Sarah's new chauffeur, and I currently weight 10 more pounds than I did last year around this time with the same height. So yeah, life is good! 
First period - AP EUROPEAN HISTORY with Mr. Stiven
Yay reunited with my favorite teacher! It seems difficult, but ahhhhhhh it seems so fun. 
Second period - AP CALCULUS BC with Mr. Shay 
This picture sums it up. 
Third period - PHYSICS with Ms. Lawless
She remembered me from freshman first semester biology! That is incredible given that it took Mr. Stiven a while to figure out my name and I had him sophomore year. There are so many juniors embodying mediocrity and lacking in academic excellence, but the class will suffice. 
Free fourth period again of course. Once you go free fourth, you can never go back. 
I so badly miss my first semester homies already though :3