I made a tumblr (again for the millionth time) because I wanted to actually keep up with my friends' posts and it seemed like many NYUers had one. It's www.coolhandnora.tumblr.com so follow me! I haven't been up to much other than watching movies NONSTOP. In AP Euro the entire last week and this week, we've just been watching really great European movies one day after another. It's great. The other day, my mom was saying how I watch one movie a week and I felt offended. I have a blog called 100 films 1 year mom.....Anyway, we're doing a Tableaux Vivants or "Living Pictures" in that class and performing it in June. My group is doing Luncheon at the Boating Party by Renoir and I'm really excited. I get to be that girl in the front holding a yorkshire terrier and I get to bring in my dog to school.......yeah, sweet. 
In case you don't know what a Tableaux Vivants is, here is a video that shows a glimpse at what it's going to be like. And like, they had it in last week's Modern Family episode so it's kind of a big deal. 
are not quite over, but I only have one left this afternoon (AP Euro) and I woke up early to ditch school and study for it, but look what I'm doing now....Here is a video of how I'm going to react if I don't get a 4 on the test. 
And I was going through the pictures on my computer, and this one still makes me laugh. 
Remember when college admissions/rejections kept coming like every other day and we got multiple heart attacks per week? SO GLAD that's over with. That freaked me out so badly and I still have cold sores from the stress booo. Anyway, I'm going to go back to studying.....or maybe praying. Whichever I find will be more effective and logical in helping me get a better score.