Life of a film school ferret. 
My my, favorite scene from Pulp Fiction. Heck, favorite scene from any movie although that may be a stretch. Favorite dance scene, perhaps. Remember when John Travolta was good? Remember when Uma Thurman was hot? 
I snapped it in half, sharpened them and this is how short they turned out. And I can't find my regular glasses so I have to wear my ew-y nerdy ones from middle school. And I really want to dress up for Halloween this year, but I am so busy. Boo. My sister is going as Facebook, lame. I think if I were to dress up, I'd go with either Princess Leia, Hit-Girl, or the Asian girl from Scott Pilgrim. Last one wins in terms of believability, but its badass factor may be too low compared with the other two. 
This is the first thing that popped up when I googled my inquiry since many social situations seem to erupt regarding this and I figured anything is better than making the awkward :O or :/ faces like I usually do. I find the fifth advice especially amusing. 
So there was a lizard in the house yesterday and Monica was more than fascinated by what she probably believed was a moving toy. That tiny black mark on the tile above her ear is a part of the lizard's tail that my dog clawed off. It kept moving even after it was detached from the body. FREAKY. Just in time for Halloween. 
Last picture with Monica's winning prize from the extremely arduous hunt that she proceeded to bring to her bed.  My dad and I gave it a funeral and said something along the lines of, "We sincerely apologize for Monica's behavior. After all, she has a brain the size of a golf ball". So now, we refer to her as MURDERER. Funny thing is, she responds quite well to it. 
Above are works of Jirka Vaatainen. Check out his blog
That last girl kind of looks like Salma Hayek. 
Too bad I don't even know how to use photoshop. 
Been listening to waaaaay too much trip-hop lately. I wouldn't be surprised if my neck snaps anytime soon from excessive head bobbing.
Kind of hard to see but my Delta Moon trophy arrived today, you guys! :) And I finally found the Hitchcock-esque Tisch t-shirt that I thought I left in the NYU dorm just now and I'm a bit bummed since it would've been a perfect wear for the pep rally today. And ooh the books I ordered from Amazon came. As much as I hate the amount of sleep AP Lit takes away from my nights, I love that it has actually made me love reading. 
But I come home to this tiny furball of happiness waiting for me! I keep telling my mom to take her into Petco so she can get what I refer to as the "deer cut", which is just a super short haircut that makes her look like Bambi.