Pretty much packed my entire closet into my little suitcase. I have to wake up at 5 in the morning tomorrow to catch the flight, which is a huge contrast from my impressive wake-up time at 12:30PM today. I don't know what to expect, but hopefully Paris is what I hear it to be. Asian American tourists, ready to roam, let's do this Chang family! Minus the daddy :( 
Oh man I love this. People are so clever! 

Every time I go on it, I taste sweetness in my mouth and I feel like crying for no reason. 
Did I ever say how much I love the public library?? It's 5 minutes away and it's got the sweetest DVD collection and they're all free! Along with Raiders, I picked out 8 others (could not possibly hold all with just one hand). Hopefully I turn on my beast mode and watch all of them before I leave for Paris exactly a week from today. Anyway, I'm currently just sitting here enjoying my hotdog. It's nice to have a lazy day after nearly 11 hours of walking at the Del Mar fair yesterday. 
and while watching dance is one of my favorite things to do in life, I could not stand some of the music that was being played! There was one that went MONEY, SUCCESS, FAME, AND GLAMOUR over and over again. Music is a million dollar industry and it keeps crossing my mind that success in the current music world or just entertainment in general depends more on marketing skills than pure talent. It's really quite pathetic...
Kind of an awkward picture but I bought the most comfortable pair of denim-like sweatpants for just 6 bucks at Cotton On! Along with brown African safari-looking capris from Forever 21, wrinkled tan military jacket thing from American Eagle, and oversized leaf or zebra print blouse from Cotton On. Everything for less than 50, that's what's up. 
I'm going to start shooting a film I wrote back in March with my friend that we've been holding off for so long. It's a comedy about a recently divorced woman (Beth) who needs to get back on her feet as far as relationships. Her friend (Debbie) sets her up with her gorgeous cousin who just moved to the states from Spain. Meanwhile, Beth's ex-husband (David), not explicitly said but implied that he has gay tendencies, calls up a plumber to fix his toilet. Long story short, their addresses swap and the cousin ends up going to the gay guy's house and the plumper knocks on Beth's door instead. Noticing that David is hitting on him, the cousin, who is in fact in the closet himself and thinks that Debbie has it figured out, responds to David's flirting. Beth and the plumber also launch a little romance when they both find out their passion for larping. If you don't know what that is, look it up. It's probably the most hilarious thing I've seen in ages. Anyway, I'm pretty amped to make this since comedy is probably one area I completely lack talent in but long to be the best at. 
Pretty Little Liars is back......<3