Other than my new permit picture that will probably be my license picture for like 5 years. It's even bad for a mugshot. Anyway, I started off the weekend getting straight A's in all my classes and receiving my first admission letter from LMU with Honors to Entrance. Watched The Artist finally which was pure amazing and I switch all the "I want to win" choices to that movie in my previous post about Oscar predictions. I breezed through the interview for Vassar and scheduled a Barnes and Nobles interview for next weekend. Great food including Love Boat Sushi, Chick-fil-A, and Tapioca Express. Passed my written driving exam, strengthened many friendships, got a back-up prom date, and lost 1.5 pounds - which is a long way of saying that my weekend beats yours . 
"Paul, I am your number one fan".
I will always be the Annie Wilkes to your Paul. 
Why won't you love me back. Do you feel guilty because of Joanne, is that it? 
This picture is too much. I mean, I can literally smell the manliness through the computer screen. Congress should pass a law that warns internet users of randomly (more like, after hours of foraging) stumbling upon pictures reeking of jaw-dropping amount of masculinity such as this one. The beard, the smirk, oh my God. Hey Paul, I think you're probably the only guy out there that can stand so nonchalantly next to Clint Eastwood and still look more handsome. Happy 87th birthday! 
You guys should predict the winners and play with me on http://oscar.go.com/mypicks

So for the ones I care about....
Best Picture
Will win: The Artist
I want to win: Midnight In Paris
Best Director
Will win: Terrence Malick for The Tree of Life
I want to win: Woody Allen for Midnight In Paris
Best Actor in Leading Role
Will win: George Clooney for The Descendants
I want to win: Gary Oldham for Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
Best Actress in Leading Role
Will win: Viola Davis for The Help or Meryl Streep for The Iron Lady
I want to win: Rooney Mara for The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo 
Best Original Screenplay
Will win: Midnight In Paris
I want to win: Midnight In Paris or Bridesmaids

Some overall thoughts on the nominations for this year:
- Wow, how did the fat girl that takes a dump in a sink in Bridesmaids get nominated?? I mean she was really funny, but that role is SUCH not a Oscars type of character. 
- 50/50 SNUBBED. 
- Very surprised Rooney Mara got nominated, but whatever happened to Charlize Theron? I thought she was definitely in. I haven't seen Young Adult yet but I still feel robbed. 
- GO WOODY ALLEN. I want him to win everything even if I know he won't show up to receive his Oscars because he is far above commercial award ceremonies. 
- Okay I will watch The Artist soon, but it better be good because  I have extremely high expectations for it....All this academy hype! 
Was all I heard today. So much for wearing a blazer, but the eye doctor man I saw today thought I was 20 so I guess it all evens out. Saying that I look older than I am is the best compliment ever~ 
And the dreaded finals week has finally come. 
I can't believe I just spent about 30 minutes making that blood splatter effect instead of reading my AP Gov book. The finals gun has gotten the last of me. You know what would suck? This is a tad bit random, but dying right now. As a senior right when second semester is about to start. Like, I hope I didn't just jinx that but seriously!! I think I'm going to find work and drive and wear office lady blazers all day and make music and make experimental videos that go along with the tracks and man, it's going to be fun ya know? Oooh, I have a Vassar alumni interview with an Army man this Saturday and he sent me this really interesting two-paragraph email about himself and his experiences in Vassar and my college interview radar tells me it's going to be a good one. I think I will stomp my feet and give him a big military salute and say order when he asks me what I like. 
The first track I ever made so don't judge. Can I just say I love free software trials more than any other free things in the world?  And I don't know how, but I guess I accidentally put D-War (TWICE) in my list of favorite movies. And it's been that way for God knows how long. What a horrible tainting of an otherwise flawless list! Like seriously, I'd rather watch a woman giving birth than to sit through hours of that Korean dragon nonsense again. 
Being an avid user/surfer of the Internet, I am upset by the new bill Congress is trying to pass and having a very AP Government mind lately, I decided to give my Senator a call as Google suggested me to and decided to hang up after being on hold for over 5 minutes. And also a little bit because I didn't know how to back up my, "HEY, DON'T YOU DARE PASS THAT BILL", and plus the whole calling Congress was a very impulsive decision. Well more like, I had no idea what to say and that was primarily why I decided to hang up. But, y'all get my point. Watch this video and sign the petition! 
but I refuse to watch it because then I can pretty much find out who/what's going to win the Oscars and that just ruins the fun for me. I bet every year and I play clean and don't cheat :) 
Anyway, my sister and I came across a really cool breakdancing picture on my Facebook that I probably should not post on here for obvious reasons and were inspired to take a similar photo. Let's just say, sticks and stones MAY break my bones but breakdancing WILL break my bones. 
I don't know why I always voluntarily subject myself to so much ridicule, but I mean look at that face. I can write an entire review about it. 10/10
Looks like no Coachella this year again unfortunately....But y'all should come over and we can just play their music all night long for 3 days :D 
Donate canned food, you guys. I'm glad I'm still contributing in an indirect way.