To start off, can I just get it out there that I look the most fabulous when I run? 
Those new uniforms give me the worst wedgies and camel toes. They are A.W.F.U.L. 
Anyway, here are my college updates.
LMU, UCSD, UCSB aw yeaaaaah. 
Y'all are crazy for picking me to attend, but thank you!!
Just had a rainy, rainy weekend and spent most of it sitting in the balcony with an umbrella and getting wet nonetheless.
I'm going to miss this little sucker once I go to college. 
I was looking through old photos (typical) and came across a 10-week Monica picture!!!! I am dead. 
And I never ever buy a dress so this is kind of a big deal. In other news, my 200 meter time went from 30.42 freshman year to an alarming time of 34.74 :'(
Had a French philosophy salon for AP Euro to discuss Voltaire's Candide on Sunday! Had some incredible Bulgarian/Eastern European dinner with a ton of baguette for appetizer and macaroons for desserts, ugh. What would my life be if I hadn't taken this class. It surely counteracts the evils of AP Calc. 
And Brianna posted a couple pictures from the ROP photo shoot last week on Facebook. Here is my best attempt at photoshopping myself with red hair. I can't wait to go to college and do insane things to my hair and body, HAH. Not really, but dying (dyeing?) my hair sounds ideal. 
And here is a picture just for funsies. 
Guess who threw up twice during practice yesterday?? 
I don't know what caused me to become this pathetic weakling all of a sudden, but doing hardcore exercises reminds me of that scene in Mulan when "Let's Get Down to Business" starts playing and at first Mulan is sucking at everything (me right now), but then she climbs the tree trunk and become a soldier on steroids all of a sudden. I'm really hoping that will happen to me soon. 
My leg muscles are incredibly sore so I have to walk down the stairs like a penguin. 
Honestly, practice sucks but I have also never felt this alive before. 
Like, track makes you appreciate life all of a sudden.