My mom got me an entire Costco pack of Oi Ocha as my Christmas present. It was wrapped too, haha! 
Along with this really warm fleece pullover! It was inside a Victoria Secret box, which was somewhat deceiving. I also got a couple little things like hand lotion, computer mouse, etc. 
And last night, we went to Del Mar Beach to watch the sunset and it was so pretty. It's truly a great time to be alive and I love Christmas season so much. Ironically though, we forgot/(were too lazy) to put a tree up so no fambam Holiday pictures this year :P Oh and also, a group of high school Christmas carolers came by our house a couple days ago and my mom shut the door on them after just one song because she didn't know about Christmas caroling and she was supposedly getting cold. The look on each of their face was like :O. 
But here is a picture of two of my favorite living things ever from the year before :) Now, on with the New Year!!
Guaranteed to cause some controversies, but here it is! 



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When I was out earlier, I got a friend request on facebook from this girl from Korea with a Korean name and everything. At first I was like, "Lol troll, good try I ain't falling for it", but quickly figured out that her name seemed awfully familiar. I came home and asked my mom, "Hey didn't I have a friend named ______?" and she was like "Yeah!!". So I sent her a message that unfortunately took me about 30 minutes to write because my Korean has gotten so rusty. 
It pretty much says, "Excuse me, how do we know each other? I'm sorry that my Korean sucks. Wait did you go to Wonmyung Elementary School?" 
I'm just really excited because we were like best friends and I went over to her place all the time in 4th grade and she'd cook me dino chickens and we would play this ski game on her PS2. 
Her name is sort of common though so I really hope it's not just a random person. But although her profile picture is tiny, overly photoshopped, and she is covering half her face with her hand (typical Asian), I think it looks like her. On top of that, the high school that appears on her page is the one that is right by our old apartments. I am being such a girl right now, but this is so weird and cool AHHHHHHHHHH. 
I hope I get a response back soon and that she understands my awful Korean. 
Just finished a movie, about to write a review, eating a Costco pizza, and I have not gotten out of those PJs today. Winter break mode on: check. 
I'm working on a new screenplay, finally! 
Long story short, I just really wanted to stop writing stories about depressive men and do some comedies for once. 
It's about two loserly Ivy League graduates (one with an actor degree and the other with an architect one) who can't find jobs anywhere so they decide to use their knowledge to rob a local bank.
I mean it's totally silly, but I got the inspiration off reading an article about how young people nowadays with college degrees are pretty much chained to the burden of paying off student loans and finding a decent job. 
Anyway, I wrote this scene about one of the kids talking to his mom who has set a date for his son who hasn't been near a girl since his senior prom. 
I had the most fun making the name of the girl because it is comprised of the names of two people I know personally that I find not so pleasant to be around. 
Well that's that. got new Holiday avatars and they are so adorable! 
Although my Ralphie costume is the best, hands-down. 
And speaking of Buster Bluth, I just started watching Season 3 of Arrested Development. FOR BRITISH EYES ONLY! Hah, so funny. Speaking of British people, which reminds me of Daniel Craig, I am going to watch The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo tomorrow! I hope all the hype won't make me disappointed though I highly doubt it will. Please, please, please year 2011, leave a movie that will refute the seemingly popular claim, "2011 was a bad year for movies". 

Sleep statistics for 17-18 Dec (Sat)
Went to bed / woke up: 11:09 / 6:42
Total time: 7h 32m

Analysis made by the Sleep Cycle iPhone app.

My sleep graph for the entire night:
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I don't know about you, but I think this app is pretty cool. A good use of 99 cents, I'd say. I don't recall being awake or nearly awake in between 4 and 5, weird. Anyway, today started off pretty crazy. I went gleaning at the IRC garden from 8:30 to 10:30. Church from 11:00 to 1:00. Christmas shopping from 1:30 to 2:30 and now ended up at where I always do at the end of the day: in front of the computer screen. Kind of bummed I can't go to retreat this break due to every high school senior's worst enemy. Oh well :/ 
5. Love Actually
One of the best things about being a girl is you can pretty much admit to liking any genre of movie can get away with it. You know? Girls that like Star Wars are unique, boys that like romantic comedies are.....weird. Or so society says. Anyway, Love Actually is lovely, fantastical, and so full of heartwarming laughs. 
4. Elf
Buddy the Elf was definitely a role Will Farrell was born to play. I think my favorite part/line is when he's on Earth for the first time and goes inside a coffee shop and yells, "CONGRATULATIONS! WORLD'S BEST COFFEE, WOW!". An instant Holiday classic for sure. 
3. Die Hard
Perhaps not suitable for a family gathering with grandparents and 6-year-old nieces, but certainly an unforgettable Christmas movie, to say the least. I mean, Bruce Willis has hair, and he is wearing a tight man tank for the entire movie - what more can you ask for? 
2. Edward Scissorhands
A simple, but emotionally poignant film that exceeds beyond the label of a "Holiday movie". With its original script and an ensemble of young, talented actors, Edward Scissorhands is surely going to impress and keep you warm during the cold winter days. I guess it won't work in San Diego, but if y'all are going to be in the East Coast in Christmas, play this movie's soundtrack by Danny Elfman, have a cup of hot cocoa in your hand, and look out the window on a snowy night. Most relaxing Christmas ever guaranteed. 
1. A Christmas Story
I never knew people ate Chinese food on Christmas before watching this movie. That scene , however, (I may be biased) was a bit racist given that the waiter was singing the famous Christmas tune as "Fa-Ra-Ra-Ra-Ra-Ra-Ra-Ra-Ra". I can't say I didn't laugh though. A Christmas Story is silly, nostalgic, cute, and simply unforgettable. 
I screenshotted by current desktop background on it. It's the video of The Fall opening. Pretty sweet, eh??
And I realized that the next time I have a bad day I will just keep staring at this hilariously adorable picture of my man Paul. 
Along with an equally adorable picture of my festive self. 
Not the dream that refers to cherished hope and ambition, but the kind you have when you're sleeping. Hah, two those definitions - it's really ironic how one became reality while the other was crushed. Bad, bad, bad, sad day. You know, I try to keep my head up so high and stay optimistic at all times, but it's so hard on like days like today. Good thing my family and friends have been so supportive through the year. I would have been in a huge mess otherwise. I cannot be more thankful that it is the weekend so I can relax a bit and attempt at ridding all this stress. But on a good note, I got my first solid A on a Leal essay and now I have a nick name in the class, Nornor!!!! :)