"GOD NORA YOU'RE SO HIGH MAINTENANCE. STOP COMPLAINING!!" But I truly am sore from last night's Holiday Hootenanny and it hurts to move. 
It's not very obvious from the picture, but my ankle is bruised from people trampling me. I am a 5'3 Asian girl who just likes music, take the extreme mosh pit elsewhere! 
Probably the best picture I took of the night, haha fail. I have had my phone for 3 months now and I still have no idea how to zoom on this thing. 
Summary of the bands:
Delta Spirit - I do not remember whatsoever which music they played given that I was too concerned with my survival stuck in the midst of that insane crowd. I love American hipster music lovers, I do, but if appreciating music for them means having to kick, scrape, elbow, and step on innocent listeners, my tolerance will not go far. 
Matt & Kim - Great stage persona. It was pretty funny when Kim took off her shirt and shook her booty on top of the crowd. But I wasn't too fond of their music and plus I've seen them already in 09.
Two Door Cinema Club - I thought it was cute how the guy kept saying "We are a band called Two Door Cinema Club in case you don't know us" throughout the show. I mean, there were nearly 2,000 of us there who paid 50 bucks to be there and cheer y'all on. We must know who you guys are, right? 
My Morning Jacket - I don't know about you guys, but I am quite convinced that the lead singer of MMJ is Santa Claus. Had the best music of the four, but I was too tired by the time they played to give my all, unfortunately. The trippy stage set-up they had going on was cool and the lights were pretty crazy. 
I snatched a MMJ owl shirt. Probably should have done that during or after the show since we lost our place in line buying our shirts. Although it was nice (and ridiculously hilarious) that we accidentally took the wrong turn and got into the venue without having to go through security or people checking the tickets....We (unknowingly) cut people that were in line since 2pm, hah. And on a different note....
This movie looks really, really strange in a good way and I want to watch it asap. It's got wonderful reviews and it is very rare that I want to watch a movie that is out in theater currently. I definitely got more confused after watching the trailer, but something about it seems so appealing. The music laid under is also weirdly good and the girl's odd face in the thumbnail picture is yelling out to me, "WATCH THIS, WATCH THIS". 

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