To start off, can I just get it out there that I look the most fabulous when I run? 
Those new uniforms give me the worst wedgies and camel toes. They are A.W.F.U.L. 
Anyway, here are my college updates.
LMU, UCSD, UCSB aw yeaaaaah. 
Y'all are crazy for picking me to attend, but thank you!!
Just had a rainy, rainy weekend and spent most of it sitting in the balcony with an umbrella and getting wet nonetheless.
I'm going to miss this little sucker once I go to college. 
I was looking through old photos (typical) and came across a 10-week Monica picture!!!! I am dead. 
3/19/2012 03:29:49 pm

Updates much appreciated! That is amazing you joined track. Just about any sport builds character, but I can say that track is a lot of hard work since I use to do it for 4 years. I would also have to agree that you look fabulous, but I just wanted to give some constructive tips you might find handy when running. It may benefit you to have an open palm rather than a clenched fist like the girl behind you because it helps to stay relaxed when running. Your dog Monica is really cute, she seems as attached to you as my dogs are to me.


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