Above sentence cannot better capture how my day was today. So today, my eye-candy class acquaintance, not-so-eye-candy but good filmmaking friend, and I were supposed to drive all the way to a tennis club in Point Loma to film the Girls' Tennis CIF for CCA TV after school. But something came up last minute and my not-so-eye-candy but good filmmaking friend had to bail out, which leaves me with just my eye-candy class acquaintance. Whippity doo dah! BUT UGH LISTEN. The drive there took almost an hour because we got lost. And around the same time on the way back because of all the adults going home from work at 5:30ish. iPhone map may be the best resource ever, but roads in Point Loma certainly aren't....By the time we got there, the game had literally JUST ENDED. I managed to get some okay interviews but CCA lost so all the girls were on the brink of tears. So that's that. What a great way to spend a Monday afternoon! Shows some real dedication though, ya know? And ooh, I finally got him to talk about something other than sports so that's great achievement on my part. And on an end note....
Here is my neighbor's new kitty, Boo Radley! Is it considered animal cruelty to stuff a kitten in a tissue box? 

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