1. HOLIDAY HOOTENANNY WITH LYDIA THIS WEEKEND!!! Maybe I will get kissed on the back of my head by a stranger again....who will then proceed to climb my back and attempt to crowd surf.
2. UC apps are finally in! Whew, a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. But, 11 days left...I may deal with stress all right, but with anxiety? NOPE. 
3. I can't stop making mixes on 8tracks. It is the most addicting thing ever. Check it http://8tracks.com/nornorchang!
At least the computer doesn't think I'm 14. 
The 24-hour wait I had to do just to reactivate my facebook was ridiculous. 
6. Hannah's and my (I's?) short film Switch is done!! Going to her house to watch it and do final fine-tunings on the editing this Friday. 
7. A baby video just for funsies.
NOT FUNNY!!!!!!! 

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