I cut my ankle while shaving! It's the first day of no-shave November so I cheated, but let's see if I can go without it for the rest of the month, hmmmm. And I really can't tell if my leg is just way darker than my foot or if it's just shadow from my phone. And I also realized that my bra is just laying in the back, awk. 
Halloween this year was silly. I look slightly androgynous in this picture, but still shots of me tend to have that effect. My sister went as Facebook, which I initially thought was the least original idea ever, but it actually turned out to be kind of cool. Speaking of Facebook...
I will never understand how I managed to get over 50 likes on this picture, but cool, I ain't gonna complain! We thought this would be too inappropriate for trick or treaters under the age of 10, but around 8ish when we assumed those baby childs all went home, I photoshopped a picture of an Asian family with blood on their clothes and faces and pasted on the bottom of this threatening sign. And now, I must log off weebly, along with 6 other tabs I have opened up on google chrome and continue studying for Mr. Leal's probablyimpossibletogetanAon midterm. On top of that, I am submitting my early decision materials today that I have been much too afraid to turn in for around a week now, so wish me luck errbody!! 

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