Started off badly because I just COULD NOT get up for some reason. I even went to bed early at 11 and I still felt like elephant poop when I was awoken by that stupid alarm. At least I didn't have to rush like I usually do the morning before school because I had planned out my clothes and packed everything the night before since it was the first day and all. I should do that every night. Anyway, since I do this on my blog every time a new semester starts and I get new classes and whatnot....

First period - AP Econ with Mr. Unwin

Eh. I don't have too much to say about this class. The teacher seemed fine. Not too boring, not too weird. The class doesn't seem to be all that difficult either. But again, I've only spent about an hour and a half in that class so far so I probably shouldn't speak too soon. Hah, watch me get a B and be grounded for the rest of my senior year. 

Second period - ROP Media Production with Mr. Raines

Holy moly artichoke. I feel so awful having said all those horrible things about Mr. Raines before. The day before I quit Conservatory around a year ago from today to be more specific. God, poor guy developed a stutter because of some medical problem. Can't imagine being completely normal one day and just waking up to find that there is something permanently wrong with me. Boo, he's a nice guy. It was kind of cool going back to that video film room again, with which I shared 3 years of love/hate relationship. Anyway, there are 3 girls, including myself, in a 42 people class. Way too much testosterone, freshman testosterone to be exact (ew!), but hey, that's how every film courses in college are gonna be like so better suck it up Nornor. 

Third period - AP English with Mr. Leal

Mr. Leal is somewhat notorious at my school for giving a ton of reading homework and torturing his students by having them write like what, 3 essays a week or something? So honestly, I'm scared out of my mind. English seems to be my best subject, but I don't particularly like it nor am I a fan of classic English literature like poetry and Shakespeare, which are definitely my biggest enemies in life....English class subject-wise anyway. But oh man, he turned out to be hilarious. He's got the strangest sense of humor, but the type I find totally funny and I know a ton of people in that class so I think I'm off to a pretty solid start. 

Fourth period - Free period!!

More like my dunch (lunch + dinner) time. For example, I managed to eat a hot dog with sriracha sauce, leftover Chinese take-out food from my dad's lunch, two clementines, and a half pint of coffee flavored Haagen-Dazs ice cream today. Whippity-doo-da. 

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