So I realized I always have really great story ideas right before going to bed, on the toilet, during the middle of an AP Government lecture, while watching a movie, any many many other random times. Those ideas ironically never come when I actually take time off the day to think of some. Partly inspired by the Woody Allen doc when Woody said that he writes down all his ideas down on scraps of paper by hand, I decided to carry around a stack of hole punched index cards to write down whatever ideas come to my head at anytime. It's in my school backpack, purse, pocket, you name it. I never seem to have any coherent, holistic narrative ideas but I always have these great ideas for a specific scene or a really general one without any other details. Like, I thought of this pretty cool idea the other day, which I wrote down as, "What if the person you love is evil?". So like the main character would be a girl and she discovers that the one she loves is a Neo-Nazi or something like that. Or like a mother finds out that her son is a hit man. And this is more of a technical thing, but how cool would it be if I had a split screen of two people talking about the same person except capturing two completely different aspects and the person they're talking about is in the middle in front of the split screen reacting to what they're saying? I actually drew this one out, hah. Anyway this is what I spend most my spare time doing on top of djing on of course. I'm 50 points away from 3k points, woohoo!

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