If I may add, I don't find him physically attractive at all (cute at the most). As the original writer of this post brought up, it's his creativity and unique views on the world that make him attractive, not necessarily his looks. I think he'd be a really fun guy in real life too - less neurotic and cynical than he is often depicted in movies.  On a different note, 
I found stacks of my old Yu-Gi-Ho, Digimon, and baseball cards in the garage. I know the picture doesn't make it seem like a lot of cards, but man, there are hundreds of them. I think it's pretty funny given that I always make fun of boys that collect these kinds of things. 
And it was Sarah's birthday two days ago. Sort of a bummer since we were both awfully sick and ended up canceling our dinner reservation at Sushi Ota. Nonetheless, the cake was bomb and we had fun watching Friends with our blankets with kleenex boxes under each arm. 

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