Being an avid user/surfer of the Internet, I am upset by the new bill Congress is trying to pass and having a very AP Government mind lately, I decided to give my Senator a call as Google suggested me to and decided to hang up after being on hold for over 5 minutes. And also a little bit because I didn't know how to back up my, "HEY, DON'T YOU DARE PASS THAT BILL", and plus the whole calling Congress was a very impulsive decision. Well more like, I had no idea what to say and that was primarily why I decided to hang up. But, y'all get my point. Watch this video and sign the petition! 
1/18/2012 03:10:27 pm

My friend already signed it 3 times, but I will too ! And thanks for being really cool to me. I was expecting the Nora rage, like "You freaking creeper/stalker go jump off a cliff." I actually had a hard time sleeping so your message brightened my day when I got home from school. I actually signed up for classes to minor in film because of you, and am really excited to write my first story for my screenwriting class. I'll share it with you when it is done, but thanks for everything ! c:


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