and she correctly lists everybody from left to right until the very last guy when she confidently shouts DUSTIN HOFFMAN. 
Like, how? 

And I came across a list of New Year's resolutions I made when it turned 2009 so when I was in 9th grade?
Read and laugh.
- Be less weird/perverted. (Hah!) 
- Find a way to get money. (Sounds a bit like I was planning to do so illegally) 
- Get an A+ in bio second semester. (The most normal one out of all) 
- Don't get jealous over relationships with friends. (What horrible phrasing. I don't even get what I meant)
- Drink less energy drinks. (YUCK I CAN'T BELIEVE I EVER DRANK THOSE)
- Shower everyday. (Did I not before....?)
- Go shopping once a week. (I really don't think this should be something to strive for)
- Tell someone "I love you" and mean it. (Oh god,  the worst one by far. Wasn't I 15? Sorry to break it to you little Nora, it hasn't happened still and it is 2012) 
+ a lot more that I am too embarrassed to share. 

Anyway, I don't have any that are particularly interesting this year, but I guess:
- Keep in touch with all my darling high school friends once I am off to college. 
- Get a license (again...) and car. 
- Educate myself in American politics so there will no longer be an occasion when I state Herman Cain must be a Democrat because of his race. 
- Continue this 100 films per 1 year thing. 
- Use Korean in daily conversations to maintain my fluency because it has gotten SO rusty! 

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