My mom got me an entire Costco pack of Oi Ocha as my Christmas present. It was wrapped too, haha! 
Along with this really warm fleece pullover! It was inside a Victoria Secret box, which was somewhat deceiving. I also got a couple little things like hand lotion, computer mouse, etc. 
And last night, we went to Del Mar Beach to watch the sunset and it was so pretty. It's truly a great time to be alive and I love Christmas season so much. Ironically though, we forgot/(were too lazy) to put a tree up so no fambam Holiday pictures this year :P Oh and also, a group of high school Christmas carolers came by our house a couple days ago and my mom shut the door on them after just one song because she didn't know about Christmas caroling and she was supposedly getting cold. The look on each of their face was like :O. 
But here is a picture of two of my favorite living things ever from the year before :) Now, on with the New Year!! 

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