Since I have so much time of my hands lately, I figured I could spend it productively by working on something for my portfolio for NYU. Inspired by the stupid scar on my leg I got from that cactus incident a couple days ago as well as my friend Rachel's finger scar story, I just thought of a fun, little idea I could play around with. I'm so over taking time out to cast actors and whatnot, so I'll most likely play the main character. Anyway, the movie starts off with a hungry teenager who moseys her way to the kitchen in the middle of the night to treat herself with a bagel. She is so hungry that she forgets to turn on the lights and as she lowers the knife to cut her bagel in half, the blade cuts right through her thumb. Cut to her walking in through the front door with her mom (implying that they just got back from the hospital) and the mom says something along the line of "I've never had to go to a hospital for as dumb a reason as this". Embarrassed by the whole situation, she decides to think of some rad made-up story to tell about the scar when other people ask. Cut to the first day of school and her friends ask her what in the world happened to her finger. The movie then on will consist of "flashbacks" narrated by the main character intercut with scenes of her histrionically telling the story and showing her friends' facial expressions marked by disbelief. I haven't really thought of what the fake story is going to be but I definitely want to shoot something in Paris when I go this summer. So it'll probably be something like: she was walking down the streets of Paris when a French tourist-hating mugger (probably played by my Asian dad) takes her purse and the brave main character pursues him except he is readily prepared and takes out a swiss army knife, which slices a part of her finger. Whatever, I know it's not very sophisticated at all but I think I can make it somewhat funny and I want to dabble in comedy and have a change for once. So, yeah. 

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