I'm working on a new screenplay, finally! 
Long story short, I just really wanted to stop writing stories about depressive men and do some comedies for once. 
It's about two loserly Ivy League graduates (one with an actor degree and the other with an architect one) who can't find jobs anywhere so they decide to use their knowledge to rob a local bank.
I mean it's totally silly, but I got the inspiration off reading an article about how young people nowadays with college degrees are pretty much chained to the burden of paying off student loans and finding a decent job. 
Anyway, I wrote this scene about one of the kids talking to his mom who has set a date for his son who hasn't been near a girl since his senior prom. 
I had the most fun making the name of the girl because it is comprised of the names of two people I know personally that I find not so pleasant to be around. 
Well that's that. 
Turntable.fm got new Holiday avatars and they are so adorable! 
Although my Ralphie costume is the best, hands-down. 
And speaking of Buster Bluth, I just started watching Season 3 of Arrested Development. FOR BRITISH EYES ONLY! Hah, so funny. Speaking of British people, which reminds me of Daniel Craig, I am going to watch The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo tomorrow! I hope all the hype won't make me disappointed though I highly doubt it will. Please, please, please year 2011, leave a movie that will refute the seemingly popular claim, "2011 was a bad year for movies". 

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