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When I was out earlier, I got a friend request on facebook from this girl from Korea with a Korean name and everything. At first I was like, "Lol troll, good try I ain't falling for it", but quickly figured out that her name seemed awfully familiar. I came home and asked my mom, "Hey didn't I have a friend named ______?" and she was like "Yeah!!". So I sent her a message that unfortunately took me about 30 minutes to write because my Korean has gotten so rusty. 
It pretty much says, "Excuse me, how do we know each other? I'm sorry that my Korean sucks. Wait did you go to Wonmyung Elementary School?" 
I'm just really excited because we were like best friends and I went over to her place all the time in 4th grade and she'd cook me dino chickens and we would play this ski game on her PS2. 
Her name is sort of common though so I really hope it's not just a random person. But although her profile picture is tiny, overly photoshopped, and she is covering half her face with her hand (typical Asian), I think it looks like her. On top of that, the high school that appears on her page is the one that is right by our old apartments. I am being such a girl right now, but this is so weird and cool AHHHHHHHHHH. 
I hope I get a response back soon and that she understands my awful Korean. 
1/26/2012 07:06:59 am

is before long


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