but I refuse to watch it because then I can pretty much find out who/what's going to win the Oscars and that just ruins the fun for me. I bet every year and I play clean and don't cheat :) 
Anyway, my sister and I came across a really cool breakdancing picture on my Facebook that I probably should not post on here for obvious reasons and were inspired to take a similar photo. Let's just say, sticks and stones MAY break my bones but breakdancing WILL break my bones. 
I don't know why I always voluntarily subject myself to so much ridicule, but I mean look at that face. I can write an entire review about it. 10/10
1/17/2012 02:40:49 pm

I want to apologize to you and your sister for copying 100films1year.weebly.com. Also, for any grief I may have caused I am so sorry. It all started with using your site as a template so I could get started with my site, because I am the most uncreative person on the planet. It ended up with me being purely lazy and a thief so your sister eventually caught me. If it is okay I would like to have your permission to keep my site without any harassment for purposes of just venting and no profitable gain. I just want to thank you because you inspired me in so many ways while I was going through some tough times in my life. If you do not want my site up, I will acquiescently remove it for you.


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