on facebook just quoted Shakespeare under her profile picture, but the quotation isn't even by Shakespeare to begin with and I'm soooo tempted to write that she probably mixed up the line with a bad Hallmark card instead, but since all the other comments on the picture are along the lines of "Aww, you're so pretty" or "I love you" so I figure that's too awkward. You know what I don't understand? When girls put up pictures of themselves and put irrelevant quotations or song lyrics as their captions. 

A close-up picture of someone's face with a mediocrely artistic lens flare on the top right - "One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it's worth watching". 
Why are you talking about death? You're like 16!!!!  
that girl on facebook
10/2/2011 03:09:45 pm

well why are your videos always about suicidal characters? you're like 18!!!!



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