1. Junior year when I dropped my pencil on the ground and bent over to pick it up, only to realize my math teacher was right beside me turning on the projector and hit my head right on his crotch. 
2. Seventh grade when, during my final drama class performance, I accidentally said circumcise instead of circumscribe. 
3. Today as a senior when my compliment card containing many foul words that began with the words "Hey bitch...." and ended with the words "Love, Nornor" directed to my friend but went to my AP English Lit teacher instead.....
SO YUP! I believed my face was biologically incapable of turning red until today pretty much. I blame it on the Be the Change people who didn't specify where to put down the friend's name and where to write down her teacher's name. How to face him tomorrow and for the rest of the semester......Hmm. 

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