I haven't updated this blog at all, but I just wanted to say I spent hours just now reading professional online film criticisms and they make mine seem completely amateur and immature (hah, it rhymes). I feel like I never notice subtle visual clues, symbolisms, color juxtaposition, and irony. For example, I just watched Fellini's La Strada and failed to notice that The Fool is first shown wearing wings and performing high-wire acts and in the next scene, he is walking on the ground without wings like Satan on Eden, on a mission to tempt mankind. UGH HOW COME SOME PEOPLE CAN WRITE THESE BEAUTIFUL ANALYSES THAT MAKE COMPLETE SENSE? Hopefully going to film school changes all that. Oh, did I say I am like insanely excited for college? Well, I am insanely excited for college. 

Anyway, if you guys are into reading in depth film reviews even if I know every single one of you reading this probably isn't, check out and
Ok, that is it. Have a great day! 

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