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So I hope you guys are having a great week! I am quite overwhelmed at school and my senioritis is clashing too hard with my super high ego that Nora Chang does not get Cs. Anyway, as soon as AP exams are over with in a month life is going to be so incredibly swell. I'm going to Korea for 6 weeks from June 27th to August 3rd. Before going to Korea, I have some small trips planned to California Adventures with some friends and my church senior class trip wherever it will be! School starts on September 4th so I think I will find work and earn some bucks for the month I will have in between. Hopefully, I get to go to Outside Lands in mid-August if any of my friends are willing to go with me. My family also booked hotels in Los Cabos for this upcoming Thanksgiving break! Which is so far away from now but I am so excited. And ooh, I am going to start volunteering at the San Diego American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) starting next week! I get to whip out my feminist, pro-gay rights, pro-minority, just pro-everything socially liberal views and actually get to help out with the cause I feel very strongly in. SO STOKED YOU GUYS. And as far as track, I got my personal record in long jump ever and I got a personal record for the 100 and 200 meters for this season. 
And because I quit my unhealthy turntable.fm addiction around a week ago, I am badly in need of music recommendations. Trip-hop, folk, indie rock, movie score, classical....ya know what I like. GO. 
5/10/2012 02:33:06 pm

You have good taste in music! I hope you are doing well in life. From the looks of it, you have been rather busy because I don't see much updates lately. :)


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